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About Us

About Us? Nah, this is really about you.


“Lost time is never found again.”

- Benjamin Franklin (way back when)




Profound right­? We thought so… and it’s why LegalSupply exists. Established on the premise that you should never have to search for a needle in a haystack in the back isle of “name that big box store.”  Finding what you need should be more like a walk in the park.  So we set out to create an alternative: an honest-to-goodness shopping experience, without all the mess, and built to support a busy you.


We know, ordering supplies for the law office can be less than enjoyable.  Multiple needs to accommodate, internal payment processes to navigate, supply closet stock levels to monitor - and that’s all before you even go shopping.  At LegalSupply we do it different.  From quick order tools and shopping lists, to an order history that follows you around like it’s your new best friend… is one less thing on your To-Do.


Thanks to you we’ve got a lot figured out, but we live for your feedback, so keep it coming!  Our Supply Closet Gurus are on stand-by.  Email us, Fax us, Facebook us (if you need an excuse to check your news feed), or just give us a call.  We’re great friends with our customer service team - they’re good people - we know you’ll like them!


Honestly, our “about us” story, is really an “ABOUT US (you & me)” kind of story. You’ve been at our core from the get-go, and with no you, there’s no us.  So join the community.  Save some time, smile a little, find just what you need, and get on to the more important things.


We hope to see you around, “walking the park,” that is -




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