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Please Create An Account. Why?

We ask that you create an account with us so that we may start to get to know you and offer you a more personalized shopping experience. Are you shopping for yourself? Your company? Are you a government agency? Do you need approval for your purchase? Do you need to send a quote to your purchasing agent? We have you covered as long as we know who you are. And don’t worry, we need only ask for your email address, password, and account type.


Account types help us make your experience more enjoyable.  I mean if you're not a government agency, do you really want to read all that contractual mumbo-jumbo?  Or if you're just ordering for yourself, do you feel like sorting through payment options like approvals, net 30 accounts, etc.?  Help us, help you...



Please Sign In. Why?

It's just a suggestion. Let's just say you get the full experience here at when you sign in. There’s that order history that follows you around like it's your new best friend, and your very own Shopping List for easy-breezy reorder and supply closet management. Not to mention, saved addresses and payment options, Federal Government Contract pricing…should we continue??



How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive?

Most orders placed and approved M-F before 3:00PM EST will ship the same day. Although many orders are delivered within 1 or 2 business days, your order’s time in transit could take up to 5 business days. You will have the option at checkout to upgrade to expedited shipping on Legal Tabs because we understand that sometimes you needed those yesterday.


For more details checkout Shipping.



Oops, That’s Not Exactly What I Wanted.

Need to send it back? Hop on over to Returns.



Uh Oh, What Happened To That?

If we sent you a defective item, an incorrect item, the item was damaged in transit, or we missed something, please be sure to let us know within 5 business days. (We'll do whatever it takes to make things right).

Drop us a line.

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Oops, I Forgot Something. Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

We’re pretty quick when it comes to processing orders, but if your order has not been labeled for shipping, we can surely make a change.

Get in touch with a Supply Closet Guru.

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What Exactly Is “My Shopping List”?

LegalSupply will keep a list of your previously ordered products, along with any favorite items you choose. We'll arrange your items by category and give you the ability to reorder them right from your list. No more searching line by line through your order history. Maintaining the supply closet just got a little bit easier.



Can My Company Open A Net 30 Business Account?

Are you a company or government agency? Then yup, you can set one up today! Learn how>



Will I Be Charged Sales Tax? What If I Am Tax Exempt?

We will only charge sales tax to orders shipping to New Jersey and California. You will automatically be sales tax exempt if you are a government agency.

Are you tax exempt? Email or Fax us your tax exemption certificate.

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Does LegalSupply Have A GSA Contract

We thought you’d never ask. Yes, we do! GSA Contract pricing is applied to all Legal Tabs and Redweld Filing Products. All other products on our site can be purchased as Open Market items.

Federal Agencies, remember to sign in to get your GSA pricing.




What About Privacy?

What’s yours is yours. We respect your privacy. Period.

View our Privacy Policy.





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