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Legal Tabs & Redweld Expanding Files are GSA approved

We love our GSA friends! Federal government agencies and qualifying organizations receive GSA contract pricing on any purchase of Legal Tabs or Redweld Expanding Files. To make things easy, we accept government purchase cards / credit cards, as well as government approved purchase orders. Plus, all of our GSA friends receive free standard ground shipping on every order.


Added Efficiencies

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Try Apruve

We know you love - or maybe love to hate - approvals, either way they're a whole lot easier with Apruve!  Send your order / quote directly to your purchasing agent.  They can approve, decline, and even pay.  We get the confirmation and (BAM!) your order's on its way.  It's easy for you and it's easy for them.  Simply click the Apruve button at checkout.


Still not convinced? Learn more about Apruve here.


A very official note (courtesy of our very official legal department)

Please be aware that our GSA Contract (GS-02F-0080U) includes Legal Tabs and Redweld Filing Products only.  All other products will be purchased at open market prices.



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