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Payment Choices


Pay The Way You Want

Oh boy do we get it!  Sometimes the hardest part about making office purchases is making the payment (we're not talking about delinquency). Who's going to pay? With what? How? When? All of these questions just to buy a box of your favorite pencils!  You deserve some options that work for you (& your company).

Just purchasing for yourself? We didn't forget about you, we get that too!

It all starts with your account type! Personal, Business, and Government accounts, all with their special blend of payment options. Hop over to our carefully crafted FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to learn more about account types.




Payment Options


Credit Cards


Plastic makes the world go round.  We accept all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.




Flexibility at your fingertips. Pay with credit cards, PayPal account balances, and even bank accounts, all without sharing your financial information.  It's fast too - you'll be in and out before you know it.  Just click the PayPal button at checkout.

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Corporate Accounts (Net 30)

Would you rather be billed for your purchase?

We extend net 30 day credit terms to approved business accounts! Opening a corporate account with us is a piece of cake. Follow these 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Fill out our short Credit Application and attach any reseller or tax exempt certificates.



Step 2: Email or fax it to:

[email protected]


(856) 478-6634


Step 3: Sit back and relax.

We'll contact you within 24 hours so you can claim your new corporate account and start shopping right then and there. At checkout you will be presented with a printable version of your order invoice. The person responsible for processing and paying invoices will also receive a copy through email. Account statements will be issued on a monthly basis.  Make sure to notify us of any change in style of business organization, location, financial condition, or controlling ownership. Changes made to your account must be authorized by LegalSupply.


Still have questions? Give us a ring at (888)868-5073


GSA Friends

We offer GSA schedule contract pricing on any purchase of Legal Tabs or Redweld Expanding Files made by federal agencies.  We accept government purchase cards / credit cards, as well as government approved purchase orders. You can also sign up for a Corporate Account (Net 30).

Learn more about our GSA Contract pricing here.






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